Vetted Ventures is a pioneer in revolutionizing private sales and acquisitions management through an ecosystem of exclusive clients who are all managed in-house. Get better acquainted with what Vetted Ventures offers through a message from the owner, a brief timeline of the company’s history, and client testimonials.

Unsurpassed Service

“Returning the opportunities back to my clients when given the opportunities from them is an unmatched relationship quality that establishes Vetted Ventures as a pioneer company for asset sales and acquisitions management.” 


Features and Benefits

Having a team of knowledgeable experts in each asset category provides the most accurate insights and up-to-date market information. Not only are we offering a private marketplace for our clients to access and or request off-market assets with full discretion all under one representation, but Vetted Ventures also increases transactional satisfaction through the unique features and key benefits listed below.

  • Ground transport is covered in automotive sales within the continental US
  • Transparent and structured commissions per asset category
  • Clients have the opportunity to earn kickbacks by providing buyer or asset referrals
  • Be referred to our trusted partners for secondary services and products
  • Exclusive client experiences and events

Together we all win