Join a private network of HNWI that look to transact on the luxury assets you seek while bringing mutual value to the clients within the private marketplace.

Our marketplace is designed for our clients to bring value to each other for mutual growth through private acquisitions and sales. Our features and benefits entice clients to remain involved in current dealings and opportunities. Vetted Venture’s three-step process for success is: service, diligence, and execution from start to finish in every asset category.

Vetted Ventures Promise







Client-Focused, Customized Experience

“I have been fortunate to build relationships with HNWI from all business backgrounds who today I call clients. Having the skill set to manage luxury asset sales and acquisitions successfully, I understand each client’s expectations, their needs, and what it takes to build the trust needed to always grow the relationship.”


Private Marketplace Reviews

“Jesse is a young, very hard-working professional who takes great pride in his work! Jesse is constantly thinking of new ways to market and sell your real estate listing. I would highly recommend Jesse if I were looking to sell or buy any real estate here in FL. I have used Jesse successfully in the past and continue to use his services now.”

Mark P., Melbourne Beach, FL


Purchase or sell collector-quality vehicles and limited-production exotic cars with makes such as Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and McLaren in Vetted Venture’s automotive section.

Luxury Goods

Make your luxury goods like watches (timepieces) and handbags available in our luxury goods category with brands like Hermes, Rolex, Patek Philippe, Audemars Piguet, and Richard Mille.

Real Estate

As a licensed Florida and Montana Real Estate Agent, Vetted Ventures partners with top agents in our clients’ markets to provide additional expertise and marketing to 2x the value to our clients.


Due to large demand from our clientele, we’ve recently opened up our jet offerings. We are consistently growing this network to fulfill requests, locate buyers, and expand inventory. Local to Melbourne, FL, we have a close relationship with Embraer Executive private jets team.


By popular request, Vetted Ventures is expanding our offerings to include luxury yachts. We’re increasing our network to satisfy the growing market within our marketplace to best represent our clients.

Together we all win